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Empowering Steel and Power Industries


We offer a high quality of manganese phosphating, these corrosion-resistant coatings consists chiefly of iron and manganese phospates,and reduce wear on such articles such as pistons, rings, liners,camshafts, tappets, motor blocks and similar bearing surfaces.

It is widely used in the automotive industry as it is best to improve the ease of sliding and the reduction  of associated wear of two steel surfaces sliding one againist the other. The phosphate coatings possess intrinsic lubricating properties but can absorb a considerable quantity of lubricant by virtue of their porosity.

This combination favours an easier running-in at higher surface pressures by forming a non-metallic barrier that seperates the two metal surfaces and reduces the danger of seizure and associated pitting. There is also less noise produced at such surfaces and they have an inbuilt capacity, in  emergencies, to run dry for limited period.